Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wet n Wild Dark Lipsticks | SWATCH + REVIEW

Hey Dolls!

Lately I wasn't able to update any blog posts on my blog so i really feel so guilty not making any blog posts since life has been crazy but other than that I wanna share with all of you these lipsticks that I recently purchased from KeringKeristore 's website and honestly I got this around October but again I didn't make any reviews on this, but now I'm gonna be sharing this.

So Fall has been around since November and trends of colors like dark/ish and vamp/ish are now trending so I decided to get me myself some lipsticks that's great for Fall season.
I know that some of you might think that Philippines doesn't have any fall season but here it tends to get gloomy dark, windy and raining a lot. Typically the weather here changes time to time but that doesn't mean I can't go out looking pale and nothing on my face right? ^_^

Here are my FALL picks that I think suits for fall season and are affordable to get, so each cost Php 200.00 estimated in dollars is around $ 4.48.

For the colors I got in :

Vamp It Up
Cherry Bomb
Spiked with Rum

Let's talk about the packaging first, the lipstick comes in sleek black container wrapped and sealed tight with a plastic cover to protect it from accidentally opening and ruining the lipsticks bullet

Btw the plastic that wraps around the lipstick itself has its specific shade. The only problem is that the plastic wrapper says to peal inside so that you can place it on the front either back of the lipstick. Since I'm a sucker to figure that out it turned out that I just ripped the whole thing off -_- . . . But underneath the lipstick has its shade but turns out to come in numbers like the shade in Vamp it Up instead its 919B and Spiked with Rum in 915B.  

I love how wet n wild designed these lipsticks because they look simple yet sleek.

Here's a close up look of the shades that I have:


The shades/lipsticks are in matte form but it doesn't dry up totally dry it has that slight minimal moisture that won't dry up the lips like cracking it up.
After swatching the shades I love how they turned out because they are so pigmented and vibrant that each color is amazingly lovely for fall season or any occasion that will suit for these shades. And for tips : the trick to having that perfect lipstick on your lips is you need to use a lip brush to clean the edges to give you that clean finish look.

The packaging itself is simple yet sleek 

The color/shades are pigmented so application needs just the right amount because the color is vibrant. 

Glides smoothly onto my lips

The lipstick has no scent at all which is a good thing 

Doesn't crack my lips though I have dry lips but to be more  sure I use my lip balm before applying the lipstick


Yes! Absolutely Yes!

 Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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  1. I love the shade Cherry bomb but all the colors are so rich and vibrant ♥