Monday, June 6, 2016

KJM Cosmetics Lip Cheek Tint | Review & Swatch

Hey guys! I am back with a another review and it's one of my current favorites at the moment. I am the type of person who is on the go and has minimal of time to get prepped and pretty, I have less time to do my makeup but obviously I really don't go out and have a lot on my face going on, just a typically moisturizer, sunscreen, Jonson's baby powder on top, brows (sometimes, pag sinipag gawin hehe!) and lastly lip tint and cheek tint as well. That's it nothing too special for my normal everyday.So I wanted to find a 2 in 1 lip cheek tint which will be my buddy through out my on-the-go rush. I was browsing through online shops and I saw this online shop which is the KjmCosmetics_metromnl through Instagram. They had these cutie Lip & cheek tint in one. Cool isn't it? ^_^ So I DM them right away to check out what shades are available. Lucky for me all 10 shades are available. Miss Pia (the owner of the shop) was too kind to assist me with my inquiries about the lip cheek tint. She offered me a set which are 3 pcs. only fo Php 400.00, soo affordable awsome! BTW, Thanks Miss Pia if your reading this ^_^.

I choose 3 shades which are Dolled, Girl Talk and the last one is Bittersweet Magenta. I got them after 3 days which I patiently waited for them to arrive since I live in Legazpi City , Albay. So here are the lip cheek tints look like:

*Product Name: 


*Brand Name: 



Dolled, Girl Talk, Bittersweet Magenta

*Net Weight: 

10 ml.

*Made In: 

 Davao, Phillipines (indicated on the bottle)

*How much for each Lip cheek tints?

3 for Php 400.00 only

Each lip cheek tint, comes in a small plastic bottle and has a roll-on application.
The roll-on applicators reminds of small perfumes that you can bring along. 

For each swatch starting from the lightest which is Dolled, next is Girl Talk lastly is Bittersweet Magenta. I already noticed that one swatch with the roll-on applicator brings a lot of product out. Plus the consistency tends to be like watery.But it's opacity is amazing even though its a bit watery the color is still there not fading but spreads a lot.
Once each lip cheek tint dried up I tried wiping it off with a facial wipe, and this how it looks, the color stained on my skin. You can tell from the streaks that it has left behind after trying to wipe to off.
Now to to give it a test to my bare dry lips:

Honestly I cannot tell which are my favorite among these three because they work so well onto my bare pale lips. 


- Affordable, 3 for Php 400.00 only
- Longevity:  It lasts for at least 2-4 hours only from eating, drinking and smudging 
my lips more often.
- Does not transfer from trying to smudge it with a tissue.
- A little goes a long way.
- Each Shades are so pretty in actual. 


- The consistency is watery
- I hope it came with a sponge applicator for more control.
- If not careful, too much product could give more opacity color onto the lips
 (Parang kumain ka ng maraming ICE Drop hehe!)
- Try to be caution while applying this onto the cheeks because too much is not that pretty.
- It strained my lips after wiping it off. 
- Before using this , for dry & cracked lips like myself, exfoliate first because it bleeds through out the cracks of my lips. 

Other than that, I love these lip cheek tints because it's handy to carry on my bag. Plus I love the effect of having stained bleed lips, naturally looking for my everyday use. 

Will you repurchase? Yes. Because they're affordable and naturally organic made. Safe to use No harmful side effects after using them. Hope that they could make a better one with a applicator ^_^.

That wraps up my review.

Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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