Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How I Fix My Brows


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Hey everyone! Hello my amazing readers out there, today instead of a review like I usually would blog about, I wanna share some remedies I do for myself to fix my eyebrows. Eyebrows? Yes indeed, because some of us weren't blessed with beautifully full perfect brows and yeah I'm on that list too. 
So to fix my brows I wanna share some things I do for myself which I consider that works best for me. 
Tadaaaa! here's my ridiculous bushy 3 weeks un groomed brows. Yeah I know they're ugly and I hate them too =[ I purposely didn't try anything yet to fix them just to show all of you how far they've been growing and un even they look. 
So to fix my brows here are my step by step to fix them:
1. Using a brow brush with the comb, I first brush my brow hairs down to check how long they went further.
2. Next with my brow scissors I trim starting at the tail of brows working my way under my arch area and going in further.
3. Then I just brushed again the hairs of my brows going up and trimming the excess long hairs above it.
4. Now that they're trimmed, using my eye brow razor i can now shave they shape that I want for my eyebrows which I like to have that high arch brow.
5. Then I also shave at the tail of my brows to make it a slightly thin but not super thin.
6.  I also shave un wanted hairs that's all over my brow bon areas
See no more long un wanted hairs right? 
Now I'm the type of person who's not still contented with the whole shave thing on brow bone areas, so I just use my tweezers to pick up those tiny tiny smallest hairs that are still lying around my brow bone areas, because i want that area to be hair free. And Yes, I know the feeling of tweezing at first it hurst, but for me I'm already use to it. ^_^
 Now can you tell the difference from my after and before results? :)
Oh by the way I tweezed and fixed my brows last night since my mother said its not a good thing washing my face after tweezing because my brows might swell. So the next morning I just retouch my eyebrows to reshape and fill them in with my all time favorite eyebrow kit which is the Beauty uk high brow all in one brow definition kit and I purchased this from Keringkeristore.com 
The brow kit has 3 varieties of shades that suits any complexion because there's from a dark, medium to light eyebrow powder, plus a eyebrow wax for more smooth application. It also comes with two ended brush, a mini tweezer but I don't use the tweezer since I already got the bigger one instead. 
To start I use the angled brush to pick up the brow wax and just following my natural eye brow shape, this will serve as a smooth application for the brow powder to hold on to.
Next thing I do is taking my brow brush which is the two ended one from the brand called Marionaud that comes with a spooley by the way. And I just use the medium colored brow powder starting to outline the desired shape that I want for my eye brows. 
After that everything's in place I just take my spooley and brush my brows to even them out more and soften the brow powder that I just applied.
This is optional either I use a concealer to clean out my brows more even but since every single day I'm on the go and in a hurry to leave the house, so to clean the edges of my brows I just use a cotton bud and wipe off some areas that are needed to clean and I find that this technique is much easier for me to do. 
Almost done, so to set everything in place and that my brows will stay long through out my entire day, I use my everbilena brown mascara and I purposely bent the wand slightly so that I could apply this on my brow hairs. 

Why use brown mascara instead of a brow gel, tint brow gel??

I haven't found any brow gel to set my eyebrows, so I did make a experiment to use the  brown mascara brushing them through my brow hairs and it just worked perfectly fine for my eyebrows and it did last through out my entire day ^_^
A little cotton bud cleaning one more time, and I'm done! 
Remember our eyebrows doesn't have to be both the same, because i find that identical eyebrows looks a bit weird no offense okay?Brows are like sisters, not twins :)
Now if you may find that my technique for my eyebrows are weird and wrong, hey I'm not a eye brow PRO expert and I don't claim to be, it's your own free will to do what's really best for your eyebrows, it's just that I find these techniques that I shared with you worked better for myself. 

So what do you do for your eyebrow remedies? Comment down below :)

   Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"

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