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e.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation | REVIEW & FIRST IMPRESSION

Foundation is one of the most important steps to achieve a an even uniform color to our complexion. Finding the right foundation is hard right? Because you have to have the right foundation that will not only cover up your imperfections but also give you that flawless smooth youthful looking skin. For makeup its really important to achieve a even canvas on your face because you don't wanna go out looking like pale on the face and yet you have a medium skin tone right? So here's one foundation that I will certainly love to bits.  
So recently for the past few months from summer I love the beach and so my friends/TROPA haha! went to Catanduanes and had a summer blast there so a lot of Beach swimmings, Waterfall hiking and stuff like that so a lot of sun exposure I had. And you guessed it I went a bit darker than my natural skin tone. But currently I haven't got any sun exposure since Bicol experienced a lot of cloudy, rain and especially a typhoon just passed us like the typhoon "Glenda" . So my skin went to fair light medium. And some of my foundations that are stacked on my vanity are deep medium so I had to get me one foundation that's a bit lighter than my old ones. So here's my new foundation and it's the e.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation:
Starting off with the packaging first itself it comes in a chic black box.The box clearly says its a semi matte finish that lasts all day. On the back portion has it's direction, drug facts , other information and inactive ingredients. At the side of the box has its manufactured date which was on May 1, 2014 and the product will simply Be best before on April 30, 2017 which has 3 years of use cool! :) 
The foundation itself comes in a semi heavy yet classy glass container with a black chic lid to match their brand theme. 
It has SPF 15 and it's oil free and has a net wt. 08 oz (23g). 
At the back of the bottle has it's uses which indicates "Helps prevent sunburn" and also has directions to apply the foundation. Plus a reminder tip warning that its for external use only and keep it of eyes if it gets into the eyes just rinse it out with water and keep away from children. And lastly it has a active ingredients in it with Octisalate 2% and Titanium Dioxide 55%. 
I love how e.l.f adds a chic touch to this foundation because of the top lid engraved with their brand name. Oh by the way I got in the shade in "SAND".
The foundation comes in a pump form which is pretty convenient to use so that I can estimate the amount of product I'll be pumping out, and won't waste or spill the foundation so it's a good thing that it comes out with a pump. 
The foundation color has a light medium undertone to it that matches my skin tone color :
The foundation doesn't have that sticky very thick creamy consistency but just enough in between like not too heavy and light that just runs out down to the skin.It doesn't consist of any glitter/y flex in it that once the light reflects on the skin. So lets take a test to it shall we? . .

So here's my bare face hence with all the impurities I have on my skin due to city pollution and even the weather condition either my hormones affects my skin lately. Now thats a lady's life and I know some of you might feel the same why I do.

 You can tell that that I have skin discoloration, dark circles and some pimple scars that I just can't resist to remove them which I know isn't right to do, and another pimple that's on my right forehead. So the foundation clearly said based on its description: "It's semi matte finish that lasts all day". So to start off before applying the foundation I already prepped my face from tonining, moisturizing and prime my face. Now that's done I'm just using the back of my hand to apply minimal amount of product so that I can control the amount once applied onto my face.   
 I'm using my Real Technique's Buffing brush to apply the foundation gradually and towards my neck to even out my skin tone. 
 So what I did here is I just applied one layer first to check how the foundation went well with my imperfections. I noticed that it even out the discoloration that I had on my skin tone and covered up some dark spots on the sides of my face, and minimally covered up my pimple scars. For my dark circles it also covered up just right to make my face appear lighter.     
  So I went on to apply another layer to give me more coverage that I want to have for my complexion. 
 Here's the result on my 2nd layer :
I already stopped on my second layer since the foundation already achieved my expectations to have a even complexion. Now that's everything good for my complexion I just set my entire face with my Ben Nye Neutral Set powder to keep my face from getting too oily and keep the foundation set onto my face. And also I did my brows and added my tinted blush and tinted lip stain. 
Here's how my face looks like from Normal indoor light and with a flash of my camera:
I didn't apply any eye makeup because this is how my face looks like from every single day I do to just have a natural and fresh youthful looking skin. For my under eyes I'm already used to not apply concealer because I just want my skin to breathe a lot and have at least minimal amount of product on my face.

With the curiosity that I had since the product says it lasts all day I went out to test and see how the foundation turns out after  my daily basis in life.   
I started the time when I was at home around 10:00 AM and my face looks really fresh and stress free from before. 

This is how my face looks like without any re touch ups. I started to get oily on my t-zone areas and especially a lot on my forehead. I never used any loos powders to seal in the foundation, this is to check how it's lasting power can go over for hours. So I only used my blotting sheet to blot my oily areas. And here's how my blotting sheet looks like.
You can already see through my blotting sheet and that's how oily my face is. I noticed also that the foundation got a little transfer to my blotting sheet but it's still there and my dark circles are already peaking through and so is with my pimple scars, and I still have my brows and blush on.
So I went on further to test how much long the foundation can stay after another few hours.
Here's how my entire face looks like and this was taken around 10:00PM in the evening and I could honestly say that the lasting power of the foundation can last to 12 hours  for me and based on my experience because I have a active life basis which includes sun exposure, and even windy weather so hence the messy hair (hehehe..).

  • For the price ranges from Php 350.00 - Php 400.00 which is a fair price
  • The container/bottle itself comes in a pro chic theme
  • comes with a pump
  • Has SPF 15
  • It has a semi matte silky Finish 
  • Doesn't have a stinky smell
  • Must be applied with a buffing brush or beauty sponge for more fair blended complexion results
  • Doesn't have any glitter/y flexes 
  • doesn't clog my pores at all
  • Must be set with any setting powder for more matte finish
  • Ideal for combo skin types 
Overall for the experience of the foundation I love how it works on my skin type because it just gives me a flawless youthful complexion, but I only need to just bring my blotting sheet  to get the excess oils that I have on my face because the foundation still stays on my face and doesn't fade easily. 

Will You Repurchase the foundation?
Yes, because it's versatile to use and I love how the foundation works for me.
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


The author is not paid to write this post.
All information are written based solely on author's personal experiences.

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