Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Paddle Brush Set | REVIEW

Hello everyone! I'm back with another review, today's review is about these paddle brush set. It's already been a trend to the beauty community and I wanted to have one for myself. So i searched through online shops were I could get me these paddle brushes. But honestly it is too much expensive for Authentic paddle brush sets to buy, which my pocket does not agree on. (hehehe ang mahal kasi eh!) So on to plan B is to find authentic ones but a bit cheaper. Luckily for me I was on instagram and I found the paddle brushes i was looking for. I got these brushes from Makeupdepotmnl on instagram. Go check them out for more goodies at their shop. I got these brushes for myself as a birthday gift and its way past my birthday which was on June 29. Just to let y'all know. :) Off to the review.

* The paddle brushes comes in 10 pcs.
They came in a black see through box (see on top photo.)
They don't have any specific name of the Paddles Brush set.
The Paddle Brush set cost Php 1,620.00 + Shipping fee Php 120.00
Total of Php 1,720.00 only. 
Each brush are well organized and packed from a plastic container (see photo below.)
On my first impression I was just so excited because they're actually soo pretty in real life. Plus each are well made professionally because from the bristles itself, they're well made round, from each tiny bristles, they are well made and super super soft. Each handles are made out of hard flexible plastic type of material.  
For the bristles they are super super soft because of each hairs of the brush is well made in tacked and the shape of each are round.  
 See how flexible the handles are? I was impressed with the elasticity of the handles. Meaning it will give me more control of the brush will working on my face or eyes. 
Another close up look of the Paddles Brushes:
 The brush set consist of 10 pcs. of different brushes but each doesn't have any names at each handles, so I decided to categorize them from the smallest ones first:
 So these are the smallest brushes out of them all, for my own opinion I think these would work on small areas that are hard to reach out like for concealing either contouring on the edges of the nose, and for more details like for the lips. 
Below is a close up view of the smaller brushes, and i noticed that both are different from their shapes. On the left side the bristles are a bit dense, good for more blending. While on the right side the brush has like a domed shape semi pointy bristles. For me it may be good for certain concentrated areas.  
 Next are these flat semi - dense brushes. There are 3 different sizes which are the largest one, medium one and the smallest one. One is bigger than the other one. On the top portion for my own opinion I may use this for cream contouring for large areas like my forehead, sides of my face and areas I want to contour. For the medium and smaller one which is on the bottom. I think they're almost the same but a in different sizes. For the bristles they are a bit hard which is good for cream products for blending onto the skin.  
Next two brushes are almost the same as well, but these two has medium size one and a smaller one also. I think these oval rounded shaped brushes are best for more blending like liquid/cream foundation, cream/liquid contour. I like how these brushes are made from a oval round shape because it won't brush off any product that you'll be applying to your skin, instead it will buff the product to keep the blending nice and intact. For the bristles, also the same from the previous brush, but this is more softer.

The last brush is the largest one, and this is obviously for applying your powder foundation or buffing off some excess powder on your face. This was the largest brush among the 9 set. I love how cute this large brush comes in because even though that it is a larger brush the bristles of the brush are super soft also and intact well. No unwanted hairs sticking out of the brush. 

* For the Price of Php  1,600 plus shipping fee, it's already affordable rather than the expensive ones.
* I only wish that they had names for each brushes so that for newbies to this like ME could determine the use for each brush. 
* For the quality it's a 8/10 because they are well made plus each handles has a great elasticity from bending it. Plus each bristles are semi-dense and others are super soft.
* No factory smell from each brush, which I like.

Other than that I'd give these brushes a 8/10, because not only they're affordable, they're well made, and super lovely, quality meets it plus meets my expectation too.
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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