Thursday, April 7, 2016

F21 Cosmetics Feature & Shades | REVIEW

Hey everyone! Welcome to another review, this time I'll be reviewing a palette from my all time favorite local cosmetics brand here in the Philippines which is F21 Fashion 21. So let's begin. Recently I purchased a palette from f21 cosmetics but this palette is called the  Features & Shades palette in short it's a 4 customized empty slots for single eyeshadows. But first for the packaging first. The palette comes in a black square chic box with their brand name logo on the center which is "FS" and beneath that is the name of the palette "Features & Shades". 
 Specifically on the side of the box it shows where it is distributed:
 The palette also cost P150.00 only
 The actual palette comes in a black chic matte plastic material but I love how it is really made like a from a high quality matte plastic material.Plus the brand name is on the top surface center of the palette.
 Beneath the palette you can already see the inside of the palette, which has (4) four divisions for your single eyeshadows:
Her's how the palette looks like, it has a big mirror which I really like because not only does the palette provide you from customizing the palette it has a mirror for you to use while working with the eyeshadows you have.
For the single eyeshadows I have a total of 5 single eyeshadows from F21 cosmetics and I bought each, because for me they're not just for my eyeshadows I can also use this for highlight and contour. To put my single eyeshadows on the palette, the eyeshadows comes in single containers and to get them to the palette underneath each palette you push at the bottom to pop out the single eyeshadow.
Just like so:
So this is how the palette looks like with my single eyeshadows in it:
I like how my single eyeshadows fit securely on this palette, plus I can carry them on my bag when I need retouches or when I'm on events or on occasions.
Plus I also mentioned that beneath the palette are see through because under it you can see the names of the eyeshadows your'e putting for the palette. 


Over all, I love how the palette comes in made with high quality material which reaches my expectations. I also love how it fits securely for my single eyeshadows, and also I like the fact that it has a large mirror for me to check and see how my shadows are working for my eyes or face. Last thing I liked about the palette is that I can see underneath the names of the eyeshadows that I use which is super super organized because I can choose and check what I shadows I need to use. ^_^
I hope you all liked my review about this palette, and if some of you has one of this palette how did it work for you?

Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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