Monday, January 25, 2016

Wet n wild Pink Lipsticks | REVIEW & SWATCH

Hey guys! I got a few  lipsticks to share with you but before everything I got them for two reasons, one, I actually got them like so last year but hadn't opened and used them, two (2), lucky for me it's the year of pantone pastel colors, so these lipsticks are great for that pastel colors. Starting off I got (4) four lipsticsk in the brand wet n wild from
*Shades: (Left - Right) Don't Blink Pink #966, Doll House #967, Pinkerbell #968, Smokin',                      Hot Pink #905D 
*Brand Name: Wet n Wild
*Net wt.: 0.11 oz / 3.3 g
*Price: Php 200.00
*Where did you get them?

Each lipsticks comes in a sleek shiny black lipstick case and are wrapped individually with secured semi hard plastic, which indicates the lipsticks ingredients. You can also open and adjust the bullet of the lipstick by just twisting the middle portion of the lipsticks's case. On the bottom of each lipsticks they also indicate the name of the shades and the color view that's similar to the actual color of the lipstick itself.

According to my observation I can tell that these lipsticks are pigmented because of how the appearance of the lipsticks. The colors are bold and vibrant and I love how lipsticks looks from its appearance view. Let's take it to the test of how the lipsticks works well with their color.


Obviously I noticed that these lipsticks are matte and super pigmented and bold in color, and while I was swatching the colors I was like "WOW", because the colors are super super pigmented and amazing with just one swatch is enough product you can get for your lips.
For each colors like :
Dollhouse Pink, is a barbie bright pink more of a dolly pink/y color.
PinkerbellHas a semi blue tone - peach/y color in between.
Don't Blink PinkIs a dark pink blue toned.
Smockin' Hot Pinkit has like a dark-medium opacity with a bit of blue toned-light pink color.
- For the consistency, it's really thick, not too sticky or melty.
- For the opacity it is really really super super pigmented for the color to be bold.
- Each shades are matte.
- If it's super pigmented you can have more control if you use a lip brush to get the right amount for your lips.
- For the shades to be matte, I noticed that it has a bit of a shine finish but it's not that sheer shine, but the color is a vibrant pay off. 

Above all I like how the colors turned out after swatching them, and this may be added to my monthly favorites ^_^
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


The author is not paid to write this post. All information are written based solely on author's personal experiences. | HAUL

Before proceeding with my haul, I bought these items because they were on sale and I am not sponsored to do this blog about each item I show, instead I want to share what I got from the website. Plus I gave each my own opinion about how the products works for me.

Hey everyone, I got a few haul to share with you today but actually I got these last year and wasn't able to use them so I might as well include this for my first haul of January. I love makeup as you all know and I love makeup that are  new to me and affordable. So I got to this store which is were they got tons of stuff that are affordable from toys, gadgets, house things and clothes to costume and even makeup as well. I was just browsing around and I found some makeup and stuff. I purchased contour palette that has six shades of contour and it also comes with a big brush that's for contour. The palette comes in a box that indicates in the name " Modern Fashion" and some details I couldn't read because of their bar code blocking the name. But at the back has Chinese writings which I don't understand. 

The palette also has a unique design on the front (actual palette) and has a name which is a clear version of the box that comes with it. It comes with a brush that's securely wrapped in a brush guard to keep it from getting damaged while it's shipped. 

The brush is actually really big contour for contour and other purposes I can think of using for this type of brush. 

The bristles are soft and not that really stiff.  

The actual palette comes a plastic rectangular container with a unique design on top:

The palette at the back has a name tag says: "Three- dimensional carry bright six color grooming compact", I just don't know why it's named like that but maybe for some reason it's a contour powder palette that was indicated on their website.

The palette inside has a mirror on the top lid opening of the palette and below it is the 6 contour shades, protected with a hard transparent plastic on top.

Here's how the contour shades looks like up close:

For the contour shades , (starting from left - right TOP PART) : White, cool tone brown, medium brown. (Left - Right BOTTOM PART): Peach tone white, earth medium brown, Dark brown. The shades doesn't have any names at all but I just decided to describe the shades according to its color. 

I gave each swatch of the colors on my arm to check and see how pigmented they are, after swatching each shades on my arm I noticed that each colors are pigmented with just one swatch from my finger. But I also noticed that they're semi matte to satin finish with a little chalky fall outs. I might use these for shading and blending as a transition color with this type of contour shades.
For my next purchase I got this 15 cream contour/concealer palette:

The cream shades comes in a plastic black palette , and each shades consist of peach tones - pink under tones - yellow beige tones- yellow undertones - medium brown and cool brown tones:

Each cream shades are the size of a 1 PESO coin, so they're actually small in real life:

After swatching a few shades on my arm to check how each cream turns out, at first it was difficult for me to get a good swatch because some shades were not too pigmented it's like just a plain cream with minimal opacity. And it kinda turns out like a highlighter-cram/ish due to it's minimal opacity.  I literally needed to swatch 3-4 times to get a good amount of product to build the opacity that I needed. 

So far for my observation of the cream concealer palette, I didn't get my expectations to it as what I expected to be pigmented. But I don't want to throw the palette to waste it's not just good for me to act as a concealer or either contour cream shade. Instead maybe in the mere future I might use them for Halloween, prosthetics effects purposes. 

Next item I got is 6 red eye brush sets:

These are eye makeup brushes are said to be in the color red that is said on the product description on the website, but unfortunately they came in the color metallic pink. Each brush are made with artificial fiber bristles and 1 synthetic hair. Each brushes are packed in each plastic for shipment purposes I guess maybe, so that they won't get destroyed while it's being shipped. 

The brushes has rubber handles on the bottom that I think is great how they made these brushes, because you can get a good grip while using them for your makeup. I also noticed that the handles has a signature name which is called "Sedona", and I thought about the sedona lace brand but it was just a thought. (hehehe!)

Each brush has each use for application, for the lips, eyes and face. I love how these brushes were made because it's versatile to use. each bristles are also super soft not too stiff even though some are artificial fibers and one is synthetic hair made.I love the fact that each bristles are secured properly intact in each ferule. 

Next I got another brush set, I got this because I was attracted of the color of the brushes were and I love how they came in a off-white leather pouch. The brushes by the way are in a coffee color which is super super pretty! (hyper much! hehe!!)  


The brush set contains 12 pcs of brushes, it has a powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brushes like a (2)liner brush,angled & thin, lip brush, blending brush,fan brush, sponge brush and brow brush: 

Each brushes are made from pony hairs that are pretty soft not too stiff. Each bristles are made intact to each ferule. At first when I got these brushes I didn't like the scent of fresh made from a factory. :(But other than that I like these brush set fro my personal use. 

Okay I know you might be wondering of this last brush piece that I got, because I purposely got this for a giveaway perhaps? I might do a giveaway very soon if you'd like :)
So this next brush set that I got comes in a floral pink pouch which is super pretty girly and the set contains 12 pcs. of pink brushes.


Each bristles are made from Horse/Pony hairs.

The last item that I got is a makeup brush black waist pouch, it's a synthetic leather, and it's to place in your makeup brushes while your working with a client or either way I can use this for personal use for making tutorials and just putting in my makeup brushes.

The pouch came in packed in a plastic which I like because it is fully protected. 

The pouch on the front has a lot of pocket divisions to place in your makeup brushes, it also has smaller pockets for your eye makeup brushes which is good for organizing the brushes you want to work with.

The pouch also by the way has a belt strap adjustment to help you adjust wrapping it around your waist. You can see below that I tried some of my brushes to put in the pouch and it fits in well and secure all my face brushes and eye makeup brushes too. 


For the handling & shipping of the items I'd say they were all safe and intact because of each items were wrapped in bubble warps and secured in boxes and sealed well.
For the quality each products has their own unique made by and when it also comes to how it's neatly made.What I like the most of the products, like for instance the makeup brushes that I got I love how they were made, for each brush the bristles are securely made intact in each of their ferule.Also they're unique colors as well I love it. Plus for the brush set they came in their pouches which I think its great for storing the brushes if your'e done using them or just letting them sit in.
♦ For the palettes like the contour powder & the concealer/contour cream I like how they were neatly made, the powders are very pigmented with few swatches that I made. Mean while for the concealer creams my expectations didn't get to what I expected it to be, because the creams were not too pigmented at all plus it kinda' acts like a sheer highlighter.
♦ Lastly for the waist pouch, though it's synthetic leather the quality is good for the price itself since it is cheap. I also like how each brush can be secured inside each pockets of the pouch. 
♦ Overall, I'm a bit satisfied because all of the products that I ordered got to me safely and for the price its cheap and affordable. If your wondering for the prices of each item that I purchased and the links also, here they are:

1. Pro High Quality 22 PCs Brushes Capacity Makeup Brush Black Waist Pouch - $9.99
2. 6pcs Red Cosmetic Makeup Brush Basic Professional Kit - $7.59
3. 6 Color 2in1 Bronzer&Highlighting Powder Bright&Matte Makeup Cosmetic Palette with       Mirror - $5.99
4. 12pcs Pony Hair Makeup Brushes set Pink With Floral Pink Pouch - $8.99
5. 12pcs Pony hair Makeup Brushes set Coffee With Off-white Leather Pouch - $12.59
6. Pro Party 15 Colors Contour Face Cream Makeup Concealer Palette - $6.99

*By the way I got a free shipping fee for the items because the website was on sale so Lucky Me! hehehe! 

And that's about it for my haul,
                                Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"



The author is not paid to write this post. All information are written based solely on author's personal experiences.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Milani Baked Blush | Luminoso & Corallina | Review & Swatch

Hello my amazing readers! Happy new year! It the year 2016 and I wanted to start my blog more active again. So to start off here's my first blog review which are also one of my favorite blushes from Milani, and that was last year,  which was around october to november that I last purchased them from thevanityzone. 
I only purchased two blushes which are Luminoso and Corallina. 
The Blushes comes in gold foiled color containers and a a see through plastic material on the front. This is to let you see the colors of each blush, and at the back of each containers has their own specific name and color number I guess, and where it was made which is in Italy.
Each blush when you open the container beneath the baked blush itself has a mirror and a flat brush. (FYI I do not use the brush)
What is it?  Baked Blushes                       
▶ Brand Name? Milani
▶ Name of each shades? Luminoso & Corallina
▶ Where is it Made? Italy
▶ Net Weight? 0.12 oz / 3.5g
▶ Where did buy it? 
Instagram: @thevanityzone 
▶ Price? Php 470.00 only
"Luminoso" has a semi peach medium tone which I prefer for that semi blushing highlight effect look while with tiny shimmers in it. "Corallina" on the other hand is that coral orange/y shade that's great for medium-light skin tones. Plus it's has a lot of shimmers but the shimmers doesn't actually stick to each other but its kinda separated from each other once its applied.
The swatches on the TOP photo is not blended with a brush yet, you can tell that "Luminoso" has minimum opacity while "Corallina" is really pigmented. Below the photo is where I blended each blush with a brush and from my observation Luminoso blends into the skin more naturally so a little goes a long way, while for Corallina is too much pigmented so you really need to be careful applying it because too much can make your cheeks too orange and not too naturally looking. 
▶ I like how the baked blushes came with simple elegant containers and a transparent plastic cover on top, this is just to see how each blush looks in actual life or pictures. Plus it also comes with a mirror and a brush.
▶ For baked blushes I expected it to be like more shimmer/y more fallouts but I was wrong to mis judge the blushes because it has minimal shimmers and less fall outs. 
▶ What I like about the blushes especially Corallina I thought that the shimmers where kinda intact once I applied it but it wasn't , so it's a 5 stars for me because the shimmers are spread out once applied to my apples of my cheeks. For Luminoso I like the fact that I could use this for special occasions because it has that semi tinted blushing highlighted effect that is not too dark on my face and too pigmented.
▶ I wouldn't actually use the blush with my fingers since it's too pigmented and I may not control the opacity applying it on my cheek area. I would prefer using my makeup brush instead of the brush that comes with it so I can have more control with it.
▶ A little goes a long way with these type of blushes so you don't actually have to pack to much product onto your face.
▶ For the price of Php 470.00 it's inexpensive as a dupe for other high brand for high light and baked blush. So visit @thevanityzone and check them out for more inexpensive and high end brands of makeup.

And that's a wrap for my first 2016 review. As always stay tune for my next blog reviews and 
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"



The author is not paid to write this post. All information are written based solely on author's personal experiences.