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For us "GIRLS" Hair is like one of our accessories in life, because it frames our faces and adds us that personal style we have. But to have a healthy beautiful strong hair, we need to take care of our hair right? I'll be fully honest with all of you my amazing readers, a little history of my hair.From the longest time I have had my hair back before when I was a kid I had natural wavy hair. So I have had my insecurities during my elementary days because I've had those "BUNOT" or coconut Filipino hair kids cut. My mother also added me those straight cut bangs argghhh! come to think of it now, I see myself looking weird with that hair cut.  When my high school days during freshmen year I had my hair like a boy's cut , and I know i look ridiculous because I was in high school and all of the girls on my freshmen years were like so pretty having those long, shiny straight hair. I envied them because I felt so insecure the type of hair I had. When I got to sophomore year in Filipino there was the HAIR RELAX meaning that the treatment was to straighten the hair and thats it. I was so excited to make my hair straight and all and just found a salon on my province place and just had to get my hair done for the FIRST TIME. Take note for my ever FIRST TIME so my hair was virgin I have had no chemicals at all.I was excited to get my hair done so the hair dresser just went and did his thing (GAY type). After the treatment was done my hair turned out really straight  and got a little longer about 2 inches and I liked it at first and the hair dresser just told me to "Bhe mag conditioner ka lang ah?" so I said why? "Kasi mag dra dry yan hindi pwede mag shampoo" so i was like ,question marks floating on my head thinking why I should not try to to put shampoo. So i said okay. Then after a week I began to notice that I my hair got pretty oily and had dry ends. I was so upset how my hair turned out because it wasn't I imagined to turn out so dry and worse it got lots of split ends and turned to damage hair =(. On my junior years I have had that hair like about up to my bra line and just had to chop 4 inches off to get rid of the split ends. So my hair was still damaged and so dry I just had to do some remedies to my self like conditioning the ends and shampooing on my scalps only and just lead to dandruff what a bad hair life right?! argggghh! I was a nightmare! Til Senior year came and I was out of luck getting my hair back to its normal self and I met my bestfirend "Katrina" and she told me like 
"Damage na damage ang hair mo kaipuhan ta nang e treatment yan"  translation:
"Damage na damage ang hair mo kailangan na natin e tretment yan".
And She told me that her mom "Tita Amy" had a hair salon business so i didn't hesitate to give it another shot for my hair. They treated my hair from hair relax to hair cellophane, this is to give more shine and smooth to hair and it has tiny tint of burgundy color which I love the results turned out sooo amazing. After that I had my hair treated on their salon which is "Katrina Beauty Salon" formerly known as "A & K". My hair up till now got the best reseluts I have ever wanted it went from Hair cellophane to Hair rebond. If your from Albay check out their facebook page at Katrina Beauty Salon and give their salon a visit, oh and please tell them I recommended you there you won't regret it PROMISE ^_^. 

Wew! Sorry for the long story off to my review. Sometimes I do experience those bad hair days and I feel you girl, i do. So to give my hair more shine, smoth and nourish hair,  I treat it my self. This is my ever first to try these products for my hair and I had this from my bdj box like last year and failed to make a review it sorry! =(
So here's the L'OREAL MYTHIC OIL ,  I got two of them that comes in a hair oil form and the other one is a hair masque.
Starting off with the hair masque, it's the Loreal Mythic Oil NOURISHING MASQUE that comes in a small yellow gold container that contains 75 ml and it indicates as a travel size one. So they have the standard size which are available at the market. 
 The hair mask indicates it's for all hair types. It doesn't actually indicates what it does so i did a little research about the hair masque:
For all hair types.
Works to balance hair’s natural oil levels by targeting very dry ends to deliver intense nourishment. Hair is left feeling soft, supple and brilliantly shiny. 
Paraben-Free Formula
Ingredients include:
Argan Oil: used for centuries by Moroccan women, Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 oils. It easily absorbs into the hair to deeply nourish and provide control.

Cotton Seed Oil: naturally light in weight this oil adds nourishment and extreme softness to the hair with a weightless finish.
For intense nourishment, apply and massage evenly to shampooed hair. Spread well. Leave on for 2 - 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
For normal hair: use once a week.
For very dry/coarse hair: use in place of conditioner. 
That's how the hair masque work, and it comes with their Hair oil which looks like this:

Both products comes in travel sizes so they're handy to to carry on your bag. The nourishing oil comes in a pump with 45 ml | 1.5 fl.oz. 
Product doesn't have a description, here's a complete info (based on their official website) 

For all hair types.
Avocado Oil: packed with Vitamins A, B1, B2, D and Omega 3 oils that deliver lightweight nourishment and shine.
Grape Seed Oil: contains highly concentrated amounts of linoleic acid, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world to protect against environmental aggressors.
- Provides legendary shine and frizz protection
- Weightless nourishment for all hair types
An easiery blow-dry:
Apply 2 to 3 pumps to damp mid-lengths and ends for enhanced smoothness and suppleness.

A touch of sparkle:
Warm a pump in your hands, apply to dry mid-lengths and ends to control frizz and add shine to your hair.

All day frizz-control:
Apply to dry ends as needed during the day for frizz-control and smoothness.

Add shine to any style:
Add 1-2 drops of Mythic Oil to your favorite styling product. The result will be beautiful softness and shine.

1. With  my hair already damp after shampooing and conditioning my hair
2. I'll be using first the Hair Masque
3. And I just use about 3/4 of the masque
4. Starting from the tips of hair working up to my crown
5. giving it a massage to help circulate my scalp
6.Then securing my hair with a shower cap
7. Next I already switched the heat settings of my heat cap to a low level 
8. and just let the heat set on my hair about 10 - 15 mins. this will help the masque work it's magic through my hair.
9. After 15 mins remove the cap and let your hair down
10. and again massage your scalp to let the heat cool down from your scalp.
11. massaging your scalp from below going up to your scalp
12. Then rinse off your hair.
13. Gently squeeze out the excess water of your hair
14. working from the tips of the hair.
15. For me I like to dry my hair with my fan so I won't be using any hair dryer for this one since I'm in a hurry sometimes. ^_^
After letting my hair dry by my fan about 80 % almost dry, while it's still damp I'm gonna be using about three pumps of the nourishing oil and concentrating on my hair strands applying the oil, combing my fingertips on my hair. On the bottom i just massage the ends of my hair this helps get rid of dry ends and prevents from split ends.

This is how my hair looks like after the hair masque and nourishing oil, my hair is almost dry  here and I just love how it just gave more softness to my hair and more shine. It lessened the dryness of the ends of hair and It's not so heavy on my crown. 

Yes, because now I'm convinced why it's called the Mythic because it helped restored the each strand of my hair and gave more balance to it.  

Yes, I recommend this for those who have dry coarse hair and wants to achieve with beautiful balanced nourished hair. 
   Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"

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