Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cosmetics HAUL

Hello everyone! Today I wanna share with you a haul that I just recently purchased from two websites which I'm already obsessed to purchase again soon. Some of you may not know I love makeup stuff especially things that are new to me which I wanna try out for myself. Starting off with my first haul, I purchased cosmetic tools at Bornprettystore ,I got some eyelashes, beauty blenders and Silver Single Prong Alligator Hair Clips.
Starting off I got a box of 10 pairs of Princess Eye Lashes in M-3:
Here's how the false eye lashes looks like, they're the seamless base ones which I prefer using because it looks more natural to wear.
Next I got also two boxes of each 5 pairs of false eye lashes and these are the Yue er Gong zhu or so called the "yegz" false eye lashes.
The first box are in the number's HW-09, they're the fantasy natural thick false eye lashes:
I noticed that these false eye lashes has that longer ends which is pretty to wear to give my barely naked eyelashes. 
Next box of pairs I got in the number's HW-8, these are the seamless volume fake eye lashes :
These false eye lashes are the criss cross ones which is perfect for giving more volume looking eye lashes.
Next I got myself 3 kinds of Beauty blenders to try and experiment with, because I use to use a brush to apply any of my liquid,cream foundations and blending evenly is a very important step to any foundation routines, and i wanted to try and achieve for myself that evenly natural blended foundation on my face, so I got these beauty blenders.
Here are the beauty blenders that I got, (starting from top to bottom):
For the orange beauty blender it's the egg shaped , and for the two pink beauty blenders are the water drop ones or so famously called tear drop shapes and for the mini green beauty blender is called the mini blender.
Each beauty blenders are just uniquely made because the Egg shaped one is kind of like a replica of the real technique's miracle complexion sponge but it's high quality to use for your makeup routine and it's cheaper for it's price. 
While for the water-drop shaped sponge likewise as the egg shaped sponge it's high quality to use like a pro also and both beauty sponges works just amazingly.
Next in line I also got myself the mini green sponge  which is smaller than the standard size beauty blenders, it's small, latex free no odor, tiny enough to work in hard areas to reach like for concealing under your eyes, corners of your eyes ,nose and any area's hard to reach in to blend. I've seen a lot of beauty guru's using this cute mini blender so I just had to get one for myself and give it a go for my foundation routine. 
Size doesn't matter for two tools to work just perfect :) 
For the last item that I purchased from Bornprettystore is their Single Prong Alligator Hair Clips , these are just my savior when curling my hair with my curling iron because I needed some hair clips to hold my hair whenever I curl my hair and this is just to hold enough the hair for the curls to cool down and will just make my curls last long enough.  They come in one pack with 50 pieces which is a great deal to buy because again it's affordable :) 
What's also cool about their website I got a freebie! yey! It's a metallic temporary tattoos and they're like 3 dimensional tattoos which is awsome to use ^_^
For the whole items prices that I mentioned check out Bornprettystore website and please do tell them I sent you there :)
Next on my haul, I wanted to purchase some U.S drugstore cosmetics and I found this website called and they got loads of drugstore products that's super affordable to buy. They also got false eyelashes , nail polishes, jewelry and more. I didn't hesitate to purchase myself some products I wanna try for myself. 
 First once you order at their website you'll receive your items packed securely,safely wrapped in their website color which is apple green I believe and with puffy styro foams to prevent them from getting damaged while it's shipped.
One you receive your items you'll get two cards that says "Please refer us to your friends" and so I am right now doing :)  
 Each items that I purchased are wrapped in zipped each plastics which I like about it because they're well organized packed. 
(Below I opened some items because of excitement sorry!)  
 The first item that I got is the L.A Girl fineline eyeliner it's  long lasting , fine-tip liquid eyeliner, and it's in Black. This one cost around $3.99 roughly around Php 180.00. I purchased this because I like that fine small tip that I wanna work with when lining my eyes so I went and purchased this one.  
 Next I got two false eye lashes which are in the brand called Angel Lashes :
 Each lashes cost $1.29 each roughly around Php 58.00 - Php 60.00 only which is a good price for pretty affordable lashes right?  They got lots of kinds of lashes and also individual lashes too.  I got two pairs in the number's # 747 XS and # 48, both are natural lashes and made out of 100% Remy human hair and both are in the color black. 
 Each lashes are made in Indonesia:
 On my next shopping list I purchased their L.A Girl Pro conceal concealer and I got (3) three shades.  Each cost $2.49  roughly around Php 115.00 only.
I purchased them because they're already in trend so I wanna give them a try plus they're not any ordinary concealers they're HD concealers which  is perfect for covering my dark circles hopefully. 
Again I got (3) three shades and they're in : Classic Ivory, Creamy Beige and Light Ivory. Why three shades? Because I wanna achieve in any of my tutorials that highlighted structure on my face and give my skills a little new twist, and play around with each shades to match which gives me that perfect highlight on my face. 
 Lastly I got (7) seven amazing Matte Lip glosses, and yes they're matte glosses, and they are the L.A Girl Matte Pigment Gloss .
Each cost $3.99 roughly around Php 180.00 , which is a good deal because each gloss are matte but I won't be mentioning about this here but in a review soon. :)

So I think that's it for my haul, I hope you all liked it, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to comment down below. 

as always Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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  1. Super awesome haul!!! I love the sponges and the falsies. I don't like wearing them but the ones you picked don't seem like it'll hurt :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love