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REVIEW + SWATCH | Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette

When it comes to cosmetics there's a lot of high-end makeup out there in the market that I always wanted to try for myself. So I got myself the Kat Von D Shade + Light palette and I purchased this from The Vanity Zone, because this can only be purchased from Sephora so I had to pre-order this from them and I'm thankful for the smooth & fast service that they gave me. You can check them out on Instagram @thevanityzone & Facebook The Vanity Zone for more high-trend and also affordable makeup & a lot of pretty stuff that they have installed for you. :)

Before moving on to the palette info itself, a little short intro about the brand itself which is (credits to Sephora's website) Created by Kat Von D, tattoo artist, TV star, and owner of High Voltage Tattoo, this inspiring makeup collection exemplifies the fusion of glamorous, old Hollywood and edgy rock 'n' roll. Kat’s distinct style and flawlessly crafted face reveals that she is as masterful with a makeup brush as she is with a tattoo machine.


BRAND NAME: Kat Von D cosmetics
SHADE: Light
PRICE: Php 2,800.00 / $61.00
The Vanity zone , Sephora 
NET WEIGHT: 3X4.5g/ 3x0.16 Oz , 12M
(Got this from Sephora's website)
 An exclusive contour palette featuring three shades for contouring and three shades for highlighting, designed to shape and define facial features to create a look of authentic dimensionality. 

(Got this from Sephora's website)
An expert sketch artist, Kat Von D uses shadow and light to create depth and dimension in her captivating portraits, infusing them with lifelike authenticity. Take artistry shading into your own hands with this Shade + Light Contour Palette. Effortlessly sculpt, chisel, shape, and slenderize your features for enhanced definition. Unlike traditional bronzing powders, the Shade + Light Contour Palette is loaded with a unique selection of matte shades that capture the true hues of shadow and light. The three contour shades create realistic shadows to recede facial features, while the three highlight shades impart a soft luminosity to amplify dimension. A true artist's palette specially designed to be used with the Shade + Light Contour Brush, these silky, buildable powders blend effortlessly into the skin for a flawless, fade-proof finish that flatters every skin tone or face shape. This set is exclusively available at Sephora. 

(Got this from Sephora's website)
- 3 x 0.16 oz Shade powder in Sombre (true taupe), Shadowplay (soft brown), Subconscious (deep brown) 
- 3 x 0.08 oz Light powder in Lucid (pinkish nude), Lyric (yellow beige), Levitation (soft peach) 
-Step-by step guide 

(Got this from Sephora's website)
- Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 

The palette comes in a sleek black rock/ish style which I like because it's just pro looking. On the front has Kat Von D's name highlighted with a silver imprinted on the cover of the box, plus name of the palette which she named Shade + Light, and I like how she created the palette with a tribal rock font name of the palette, it only shows how a unique tattoo artist she is.
At the back of the box has the names of three (3) highlights shades which are Lucid, Lyric, Levitation and also there are three (3) contour shades which are Sombre, Shadowplay and subconscious.
I noticed when I opened the box there were imprinted silver stars which I believe that it's Kat Von D's signature because she obviously has a tattooed star on the left or right side on her upper cheek bones, so I think it's her own way of signature to the palette she created.
I mentioned above that the palette comes with a step-by-step guide, and on the guide card has Kat Von D's own created sketch of her own to guide you through creating dimension on your face.It also includes what are the highlight from the contour shades to use, and the card says that you can also use Kat Von D's  shade + light brush but it is sold separately, which I don't mind because I can still use any brush that's great for this palette. 
I like the fact that at the back has her step-by-step guides to enhance the features on your face which is HOW-TO contour the correct way like defining the cheekbones, Slimming effect of the face, and shaping the nose, because she's a professional tattoo artist and knows how to give your face dimension for that smooth natural contour. 
The palette itself is just the same with it's name on top of the cover and same thing goes for the back part which are the shades of the highlighters and contours. 
The palette comes with a mirror which is I love how uniquely its made with that whole rock/ish theme to it, and on the bottom are the highlighters and contours. 
Each pan are properly sealed in the palette so these are not removable at all. 
I didn't hesitate to swatch the highlighters because I was too excited to use this and eventually got carried away as usual (hehe!!), and I noticed that each are super super pigmented, with just one swipe of my fingers, the shades are bold, not chalky, neither any glitter/y in each highlight, and no fall outs at all. 
Starting from the left side which are the contour shades are:
Subconscious, Shadowplay, Sombre
The highlight are the ones on the right which are:
Levitation, Lyric, Lucid
For each shades for the contour and highlights here are some of my opinions how I describe each shades:
Subconscious: Has that grey tone that's perfect for the deep contour for your hallows because it gives that nice cast shadow to deepening up your structures. 

Shadowplay:  Comes in with that soft warm sandy brown undertone to warm up your hallows a bit and this is perfect for giving you that warmth on your face.

Sombre: It's that dark earth/y brown color, if you wanna deep out more your structures you can either us this as well. 

Levitation: Has that soft rich peach tone satin finish, the color payoff is a bit sheer, but so sorry if my camera did not give that specific color to it but in real life the shade is a bit pale sheer.

Lyric: For lyric, it has that yellow light-medium tone with a satin-matte finish, super soft and it's a bit powder/y finish, that I'd go for highlighting, because my complexion is light medium and I can compare this to the Ben nye luxury banana  powder because it can definitely brighten up my highlight points like under my eyes. 

Lucid: It's that pinkish nude color with a little yellow undertone to it. Has a matte finish , soft to silky finish that can set on your face. 


- I like how the palette comes in a PRO looking palette with Kat Von D's unique way signature look to it.

- I love how the palette comes in with it's uniquely neutral, warm and cool tones that great for contouring and highlighting  your features.  It's great for any looks I wanna achieve but a little tip is that using each color with minimum amount because a little goes a long way since each shades are super pigmented.  

- I also like how each shades has silky,soft textures and also satin to matte finish.

- It's a bit price/y comparing this to other contour palettes but it's your own choice whatever suits you, so I for myself wanted to get myself this palette  and get creative with this palette in the future.

- Also I agree to Kat Von D's tip is that "The key to artistry shading is to BLEND!, BLEND!, BLEND!"

None other than that I love my new Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette  ^_^
as always Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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