Sunday, May 31, 2015

Unboxing: My first Glamourbox | Beauty and the Beach MARCH 2015 BOX

Hey my amazing readers! I wanna share my ever first unboxing GLAMOURBOX to all of you, because when I got the box I like how it came in a luxe white box with their name on top and on the side which is their Belo essentials Beauty and the Beach and it's their March box. 
 The items of the box are safely organized packed inside:
 Inside the box has their personal card introducing Belo's essentials for your skin on your hot summer beach days.
 On the back of the card has Bello's latest product essentials and actual price on the market: 
 I got 6 (six) items inside the box and I love to give them a try though I may not be at a beach vacation right now, but also I wanna give this a try on my everyday basis since I do go out everyday which I have sun exposure in the city, and I need a lot of sun care to prevent my skin from getting damaged from the hot rays of the sun.
 Starting off with Belo's intensive whitening face and neck cream : Kojic Acid + Tranexamic acid, according to the product it indicates that it itensively whitens skin with kojic acid and tranexamic acid,also helps protect harmful UV rays with spf 30. You can use this as a daily skincare.
 Next is their Underarm Whitening cream, it's lightweight, non-sticky and clinically formulated to whiten your underarms, this I gotta try for myself hehe!:)
During the hot summer days I do sweat a lot which I find it not so fresh at all because my whole entire mode just irritates me,but not literally I sweat like water/y sweat on my under arms but I want to maintain that fresh hopefully this next product could help to freshen up more , so this is the Whitening Anti-perspirant deodorant in "Shower Fresh" which comes in their new scent. According to the product, it last's 48 hours of anti-persipirant so no sweating & odor of our underarms, and whitens underarms too!Also it minimizes pores and smoothens underarm skin, cool! 
For more sun protection here's their Sunexpert Ultragentle sheer spray with SPF40 PA ++, and this is kid - friendly product to use for kids also, and product claims to be strong enough for lovely ladies and gentle enough for little girls too.
Another product to help protect your face exposed to the sun is their Sun expert Face cover with SPF 40 PA ++, product claims to be a sticky & stress free formulated light and non- sticky sunscreen for your face that contains cell protect to prevent pre mature skin-aging and strengthen's the skin defense under the UV rays of the sun.   
Lastly is their Intensive whitening  Body cream, it keeps skin flawless and also protected, and intensively whitens the body with kojic acid and Tranexamic acids, plus protects against harmful rays of the sun, this I may be using this on my dark areas on my body which are my knees and elbows ^_^

Over all I love how my first GLAMOURBOX  came in because there are a lot of pretty new essentials that I haven't tried for myself, so these babies may help to improve my skin a lot better on the near future because I do get a lot of sun exposure so I think it's time to prevent my skin from getting aged and protected big time.And hopefully I can see good results too. ^_^ 

Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"

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