Sunday, June 7, 2015

REVIEW | Virginia Olsen Contour/Blush & Sculpting Brush

When it comes to makeup we need the right tools to use to achieve any look we want right? There are a lot and tons of types of brushes out there in the market which some of us use for ourselves or either clients that we do for makeup. I've seen from other beauty guru's using these eco friendly  brushes which are from the brand Virginia Olsen. I'll be fully honest not to tell that I purchased this from last year and wasn't able to give these lovelies a review for all of you (sorry! my bad), so here goes.....
So as I've said I purchased these brushes from Virginia Olsen  and these are the Contour/Blush Brush and the Sculpting Brush:

NAME/TYPE: Sculpting Brush 
PRICE: Php 450.00 
WHERE TO BUY? Virginia Olsen
I personally like how each brush is packed eco friendly type of brush like the eco tools brush sets. For the brush it self it's made out of kind of wood or bamboo handle with their brand name on the bottom and secures the brush hairs with the ferrule. It doesn't squeeze the bristles too hard it's just right fitted for the bristles. Talking about the bristles the ends of the hairs are colored brown, which is easy to determine to see how the brush picks up the product enough. Plus it's super super soft not too stiff.
This type of brush is slim made and I prefer this best for contouring or blending hard places to reach on the face. 
NAME/TYPE: Contour/Blush Brush 
PRICE: Php 450.00 
WHERE TO BUY? Virginia Olsen
For the next brush this is the Contour/Blush brush again same made with the sculpting brush , and the bristles are also super super soft. But this type of blush/contour brush is a bit smaller and semi slimmer kinda like not too fluffy big. And has that slanted shape for easy application for your blush,bronzer and contour as well. 
Lastly before I forget anything else, each brush has their brush care  that comes with packaging that they came in.  
 It's cruelty free 100% ECO FRIENDLY! :)

For the Sculpting Brush:
I like how its made for sculpting areas on the face and good for contouring as well, and it's a worth of Php 450.00 high quality brush. Plus the bristles are really really super soft! And I actually gave the brush a try and it's just absolutely amazing to use for contouring, you can also blend the brush out well to give you that more softer look.

For the Blush/Contour brush,
I also love this brush for my blush and also for powder foundation.
Powder foundation? Yes! because you have your own skills to use the brush to blend evenly out with your foundation because I did try this for my foundation and works just fine for myself. Also worth of my php 450.00 for awsome quality.

I love both brushes, and hopefully to add this on my monthly fave's soon. :)

as always Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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