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Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick | REVIEW & SWATCH

Hello everyone! Here's my review on the Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick, honestly I have read some good positive feedbacks on these liquid matte lipsticks, from each shades I have seen I wanted to have one for myself but it is way too expensive, talking about Lime Crime products since it's a high end cosmetics today. So I was hoping to find a alternatives to the lime crime one's and luckily I have found a replica of them. I bought these Lime Crime matte liquid lipsticks on a online shop called sissyshoppe they sell a lot of Singapore Authentic cosmetics, like the replica ones while the original ones are U.S Authentic , so it's a whole lot difference between them plus they're safe to use, Class A high end replica, hypoallergenic. I got three shades which cost Php 100.00 each for whole sale 6 pcs - 95 each, 12 pcs - 90 each and 24 pcs - 80 each. They're 24 hours lasting, liquid to matte lipsticks & high pigmented.I got three shades which are Pink Velvet, Cashmere and Salem.
Product Info:
* Product Name: 
Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick
* Shade Names: 
Pink Velvet, Cashmere, Salem
* Net Weight:
* Price: 
Php 100.00 each
whole sale 6 pcs - 95 each, 12 pcs - 90 each and 24 pcs - 80 each
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The lipsticks comes in a pretty girly glam floral red box with flowers printed on top and the box has a metallic matte finish.At the back of each box has each color shade labels which indicates "Makeup for Unicorns" plus the ingredients and the name of the specific shade next to the bar code label.
Once you open each box you'll eventually see the lipsticks packed inside with a cut out card positioned on the right side which helps secure each lipsticks stay still inside the box. Plus on the bottom has the name shades of the liquid matte lipsticks.
The actual lipsticks comes in a see through semi plastic glass containers with a glam red cap.
You can already see the actual color of each lipsticks and each shade names indicated at the bottom.
I like the fact that the liquid lipsticks can stand alone on my table which I like so it won't just roll off by itself.
Each liquid lipsticks comes with sponge applicator, the applicator itself is not too big and not too small just the right size which I like about it because it doesn't make the product spill when you put back on the cap on. 
From the darkest shade which is called "SALEM" it's a combination of brown/ish tones with minimal earthy brown. For the lightish shade that I got which is "CASHMERE" it has a pink and blue under tone to it but a little nude finish to it but doesn't come too dark but in between. The last shade which is "PINK VELVET" is a blu/ish pink undertone and has a bright pink finish. 
I notice that the liquid matte lipsticks has a smooth formula , not too dripping water/y at all. Plus I made a drying time test to check and see how fast does these lipsticks take time to dry. Approximately it dried up to 5 seconds. That was fast enough for me because the shades are very pigmented and matte finish. 
I also made a smudging wipe off test and I just used my regular cleansing wipe to see of they come off easily. After wiping about a few times, I have to say that the staying power of these lipsticks are hard to wipe off. It stained my skin as you can see on the photo below.
Now to give it a final verdict which is to test it on my dry lips, and yes I do have dry crack/y lips:
1st Color Swatch "CASHMERE"
2nd Color Swatch "PINK VELVET"
3rd Color Swatch "SALEM"
- The first observation is for the application I mentioned a while that I like the applicator because its in the right size for apply the lipstick and yes it is, because I have more control with the product like lining my lips before filling the entire lips. 
Next, I noticed that the formula was super smooth on my dry crack/y lips which didn't give me a hard time applying it all over my lips.
I also noticed that when I missed a spot on my lips like a tiny one, I re-apply the lipstick and it didn't dry that much which blended in well before the actual drying time.
It has that sweet minimal scent but not too much at all.
I noticed also that once it gets to it's point of drying it has that chalky feeling when rubbing my lips together.
Ii feels light on my lips not too heavy at all. 
- Each shades are very pigmented.
Lastly I thought that the lightest shade which was CASHMERE would give me a problem with regards to the appearance on my lips because it is dry and crack/y and my lips are the worst when it comes to light nude shades but I was really impressed that the color blended well on lips.Little cracks are seen but not too much. For the "PINK VELVET" which is a bright pink/y shade made my teeth appear one shade whiter and few cracks seen on my lips. Lastly for the darker shade which is "SALEM", the color is stunning when my lips are stretched out on a smile but when it's naturally relaxed or still I could see the cracks on my lips.    
Next observation was I tried the wiping method and it was a little too difficult for me to wipe off the product on my lips because it is smooth and matte but once you try to wipe it off you'll find the tiny bits of the liquid lipstick product transferred on the wet wipes. It's tiny bits, kind of rubber/y thing. Plus the darker shade which was "SALEM" stained my lips.

- I like the fact that the price for a replica class A High end is much affordable to buy.
I like everything about how it is made that comes in a sleek standard glass plastic type lip gloss container and has each specific shade names on the bottom.
I did not have any allergic reactions while applying this onto my lips plus I like that it works just fine with my dry crack/y lips with the light colors, but what concerns me is the darkest color which was salem I was little worried because it made my dry crack/y lips a bit noticeable but not to be judge mental, maybe I need to exfoliate my lips more and take good care with so that it may work better to my lips.
It did stain a little bit onto my lips so I had a hard time wiping it off with my facial wipes, so I recommend removing it properly with any cleansing oil like I have which is my Biore Cleansing Oil and it instantly removed the entire lip product off my lips.
Before ending this review to rate this pretty Liquid MAtte Lipsticks i'd give it a 7/10 because it works just fine for me plus Its much affordable to buy ^_^

Well I hope you all enjoyed reading my review and swatch about this replica of the Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipsticks. Feel free to comment down below for any concerns. Other than that,

Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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