Thursday, March 24, 2016

EverBilena HAUL

Hey everyone! I have got a haul to share with you guys and these are my top favorite local brand here in the Philippines and it's everbilena Cosmetics. I was at the mall just doing my regular thing window shopping and could not resist to check what's new on their counter. I saw lots of new stuff at the everbilena from blushes to eye palettes, lashes, lip products and more. I bought 1 pair of eyelashes which is called the "DEMI" ones and also their lash glue. Then I have seen my other Co- Pinay Youtubers raving for the Liquid lipstick and saw a lot of good comments and just had to get one for myself, so I just got one because I wanted to use this and change up my on the go everyday lippies. I got in the shade soft Lace which is a neutral pink good for everydays. Then I got their new released lip product which was the Matic Lipstic, and from the outer face of the lipstick to me it kinda look like a stabilo pen (hehehehe! ) but it's a automatic lipstick were you twist the base and the bullet will eventually pull up. I got in the shade "PLUSH PETAL". Next I got a their new blush palette which is a duo blush and but before moving on quick short story about this is that, the sales lady was starring at me watching me swatch every blush because I was trying to decide what blush suits me, and then she came up to me and said : "Ma'am Nag mamakeup po kayo?" , and I was like "Opo, bakit po?" she said : "Hindi kasi halata ma'am kasi natural lang face niyo, yong walang makeup nagyon" and I was just smiling and saying : " Salamat po Miss hehe kayo lang kasi nakapansin nun saakin eh :) " . I was happy about her compliment because honestly I do love makeup, I love to wear them but I do not want to go fully pack on more stuff on my face usually because, I had a skin problem during the past, dealing with combination skin which is oily to dry skin, then having brow acne which is always seen on my top brow areas and scars on my face from popping pimples (my bad :/) and discoloration and also melasma. So recently I do not abuse my face instead putting minimum like doing brows, blush, no masacra's sometimes because I do have itchy eyes sometimes, then minimal blush and lip tints. That's all. Plus with my regular face routine and my dermatologist right facial care medicine my skin started to clear up bit by bit. But enough said of my skin I may be doing a separate blog about my skin if you want me to. ^_^ So moving on to my last two products, I got the blush duo in "SUMMER FLING" which I believe is the darkest shade because I like the blush which was like a deep orange/y color and matte earth/y brown for your contour. So everbilena was so unique to design such blush duo's because you can save up your money instead of buying single blushes, you go with their duo's because they included 1 shade for your contour. Lastly I got their new eye palette which is in the color "PINK", and they're (5) shimmers and (1) matte eye shadow. I got this because it is versatile for me to use to add sweetness to my eyes if I feel going for a pretty girl makeup look kind of thing/y. So that ends my haul, I hope you all liked my haul and for the prices by the way for each product here it is:

  1. Lashes "DEMI"                         -  Php 195.00
  2. Eye lash glue                          -  Php   60.00
  3. Liquid Lipstick "SOFT LACE"     -  Php 180.00
  4. Matic Lipstick "PLUSH PETAL"   - Php 180.00
  5. Blush Duo "SUMMER FLING"       - Php 220.00
  6. Eyeshadow Palette "PINK"        - Php 150.00
                                              TOTAL : P985.00 only ^_^

Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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