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Crystal contact lens : contactlensph | REVIEW & DEMO

Hey everyone!
Happy April! and OMG it's already the month of April and months has gone by super fast but anyways here I am for all of you my amazing readers out there giving you another review plus a live demo. ^_^
Let's start! I know some of you has tones of contact lenses that we personally use them for eyes to give a little cutesy for ourselves or for our everyday use with graded lens. I was on instagram lately and just you know browsing here and there and searched for contact lenses in the philippines and I came across to contactlensph instagram account and they just had affordable prizes for contact lenses for Philippines residents! :) You can also find them on facebook at 
Oh I also have a actual review & demo video if you're interested to watch with regards to this review, you can just click the Play button and watch :) 

As I was saying I just couldn't resist but to get me two contact lenses because they are affordable and they have free shipping free nation wide (Philippines residents only). 
They have tones and all kinds of contact lenses from crystal , pearl series, aquamarine series, greta series, Iolite series and many more! I purchased two contact lens and they came in this pretty barbie pink mini eco friendly bag plus each contact lens has a free eye solution and lens case as well.  
They packed the lenses in a secured bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking while they are being shipped which I think is amazing because once I got them they were intact.
Oh by the way I got the crystal series and they each have guidelines on how to properly care and use for the lenses.
Each contact lens comes in specific standard bottled form glass containers like so:
Product Name:  AquaMarine , Mini PEARL Series
Brand Name: Crystal
Color: Bluish Green, Gray
Size: 14.2 mm
Graded/ Non Graded: Each are non graded
Expire/y Date:
Before any thing else NOTE: Make sure to consult your eye doctor to know the grade/plano of your eyes as well as if your eyes are suited for contact lens use.

I for myself have been using contact lenses for the last two years but for some First timers who wants to try using contact lenses I have read this on a website for a little pre cautions before using contact lenses plus this is also for the safety for your eyes.

Handling Precautions:
  • DO NOT use if the sterile blister package is opened or damaged.
  • Before leaving your Master Eye Associates' office, you should be able to quickly remove your lenses or you should have someone else available who can remove the lenses for you. If you do not feel that you are qualified to remove your lenses promptly, do not wear them until you can.
  • Always wash and rinse your hands before handling your lenses. Do not get cosmetics, lotions, soaps, creams, deodorants or sprays in your eyes or on your lenses. It is best to put on your lenses before putting on makeup. Water-based cosmetics are less likely to damage lenses than oil-based products.
  • DO NOT touch your contact lenses with your fingers or hands if they are not completely clean, because tiny lens scratches may occur, causing unclear vision and/or injury to your eye.
  • Carefully follow the handling, insertion, removal and wearing instructions as advised and those prescribed by Master Eye Associates.
  • Always handle lenses carefully and avoid dropping them.
  • Never use tweezers or other tools to remove your lenses from the lens container unless specifically indicated for that use. Pour the lens and the packing solution into the hand.
  • Do not touch the lens with your fingernails.
Lens Wearing Precautions:
  • You should remove your lenses immediately if your eyes become red or irritated.
  • Never wear your lenses beyond the amount of time recommended by your Master Eye Doctor.
  • If aerosol (spray) products, such as hair spray, are used while wearing lenses, exercise caution and keep your eyes closed until the spray has settled.
  • Avoid all harmful or irritating vapors and fumes while wearing your contacts.
  • Exposing contact lenses to water during swimming or while in a hot tub may increase the risk of eye infection from germs. You are advised to remove your soft lenses prior to swimming or while in a hot tub.
  • Always throw away lenses worn as prescribed by our Doctors of Optometry.
Here's how the actual lens looks like:
 Now for comparison: 
Wearing the "mini" Pearl Gray contact Lens:
 Wearing the Aquamarine "Bluish Green" Contact Lens:

- Starting off with the package the lens came in, I like how they pack these lenses safely and securely with each bubble wraps for courier purposes which is great. And I love that they came in a barbie pink mini echo bag, so echo friendly indeed ^_^
- Plus each lens has each guidelines to properly use and take care for your contact lens.
- If you have any Inquiries about each lens you can ask contactlensph and they can get back to you because they reply to each inquiries you can ask.
- Also included are free two contact lens cases and two each 40ml bottle solutions worth it for my money because it's also free shipping across the Philippines. 
- Now for wearing each lens, at first it's pretty normal to have that kind of cloudy blur feeling but once my eyes got to adjust to the lens, each lens didn't irritate my eyes at all nor itchy.
- I love how each color turned out for my eyes because it enhances my eyes.

- N - O - N - E ^_^ 

To end my review, I love how each contact lens turned out for myself because it did not irritate my eyes the whole day I was using it especially the aquamarine in bluish green. Hope too see you next time again my amazing readers. ^_^

 Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


The author is not paid to write this post. All information are written based solely on author's personal experiences.

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