Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette | Review & Swatch

 Hello everyone! Currently I made a new tutorial and it was the Warm Neutral Halo Eye Makeup and for the eyeshadows I used the Sigma Warm Neutrals  Palette. I got this from a online shop on instagram from @NU_U_BYJC owned by Miss Jacklyn Chong. She has Zoeva Brushes , palettes and her new product which are body scrubs. So go check her out on instagram and please say hi for me because she super kind to show me proof how the actual palette looks like when we had a conversation on instagram :) 
I like the fact that when  I got the palette it was securely wrapped in bubble wrap and has her business card made out of high quality plastic which is super formal.
The palette comes in a white chic hard cover with Sigma's logo on the front and the name of the palette itself on the middle bottom plus the collection name of the palette: 
*Product name: Warm Neutrals
*Brand name: Sigma
*Net Weight: 0.43 oz / 12 g
*How much did you purchase this? Php 2,000.00 only (shipping also included)
*Price of the Palette on the Website: $39.00 approximately Php 1,850.00 only 
(no shipment included yet)
On the side also indicates the name of the palette and sigma's logo and website:
While on the back portion it indicates each shades of the eyeshadows and names of each shadows. And also it has the ingredients of the shadows and the Net wight and where it is made and a bar code as well.
The actual palette comes in a black chic high quality palette with Sigma's Hologram logo on the front of the palette itself and has sigma's name written at the background and its kind of written with a semi matte - shine finish which I like how they created the palette.
By the way the palette is a bit rectangular shaped small in real life but not too small but it can fit inside your purse if your using this palette on your everyday basis or on the go.
Miss Jacklyn was so kind to give me a freebie soap which I'm excited to try out for myself :) Thanks again Miss Jacklyn :)
As I was saying a while ago, the palette comes in a rectangular shaped palette:
On the back portion of the actual palette also indicates the names of each shadows:
The palette inside has a mirror for easier point of view to see while applying these shadows, plus the eyeshadows are stunning while looking at it I just couldn't take my eyes off of each eyeshadows.
Before you can work with the shadows it has a hard plastic cover to protect the shadows from getting damaged and falling all over the place of the shadows powder: 
Here's a close up look and each names of the eyeshadows , I already indicated the names for the shadows in the photo:
Before proceeding to the swatches of each shadows I noticed that there are (5) five matte shadows and (7) shimmer shadows in the palette. 
1st Row:
2nd Row:
3rd Row:
I noticed that each shadows are very pigmented and bold in color. 
For the matte shadows like Oyster Sand, Sugar Milk, Cinnamon, Innocent and Cozy
the colors are bold and no powder/y fall outs at all. 
For the shimmer/y shadows Mild Mannered, Dove, Fawn, Russet, Balanced, Optimistic and Warm Stone, I noticed they are shimmery but no fall outs either while for Optimistic and Warm Stone has a mixed of gold shimmers in it but less fall outs. Each color are super pigmented with one swatch and also bold in color. 
After swatching each shadows I put a little test to check and see how the eyeshadows can stay with just wiping them off with a cleansing wipe, and it nearly wiped off the entire pigment of the eyeshadows but it's still there though. So for the longevity to make the shadows last you to build up the intensity and lock it with a setting spray for more lasting shadows. 


Overall I love the palette and how it came with its unique palette and  eyeshadow colors and names. I love how each shadows are pigmented and I can build the opacity of shadows. The colors are great for any looks like for natural every day makeup look and more smokey effect also. I don't seem to give this review a negative comment because the palette works perfectly for myself for creating looks that i am going for. Before ending my review I made a makeup tutorial with this palette and its the "Warm Neutral Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial" you can check that out down below and click to watch:
Plus here's are some photos that I've taken with using the shadows :

I think it's about it see you all on my next review :)
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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