Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Milani Baked Blush | Luminoso & Corallina | Review & Swatch

Hello my amazing readers! Happy new year! It the year 2016 and I wanted to start my blog more active again. So to start off here's my first blog review which are also one of my favorite blushes from Milani, and that was last year,  which was around october to november that I last purchased them from thevanityzone. 
I only purchased two blushes which are Luminoso and Corallina. 
The Blushes comes in gold foiled color containers and a a see through plastic material on the front. This is to let you see the colors of each blush, and at the back of each containers has their own specific name and color number I guess, and where it was made which is in Italy.
Each blush when you open the container beneath the baked blush itself has a mirror and a flat brush. (FYI I do not use the brush)
What is it?  Baked Blushes                       
▶ Brand Name? Milani
▶ Name of each shades? Luminoso & Corallina
▶ Where is it Made? Italy
▶ Net Weight? 0.12 oz / 3.5g
▶ Where did buy it? 
Instagram: @thevanityzone 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vanityzone
▶ Price? Php 470.00 only
"Luminoso" has a semi peach medium tone which I prefer for that semi blushing highlight effect look while with tiny shimmers in it. "Corallina" on the other hand is that coral orange/y shade that's great for medium-light skin tones. Plus it's has a lot of shimmers but the shimmers doesn't actually stick to each other but its kinda separated from each other once its applied.
The swatches on the TOP photo is not blended with a brush yet, you can tell that "Luminoso" has minimum opacity while "Corallina" is really pigmented. Below the photo is where I blended each blush with a brush and from my observation Luminoso blends into the skin more naturally so a little goes a long way, while for Corallina is too much pigmented so you really need to be careful applying it because too much can make your cheeks too orange and not too naturally looking. 
▶ I like how the baked blushes came with simple elegant containers and a transparent plastic cover on top, this is just to see how each blush looks in actual life or pictures. Plus it also comes with a mirror and a brush.
▶ For baked blushes I expected it to be like more shimmer/y more fallouts but I was wrong to mis judge the blushes because it has minimal shimmers and less fall outs. 
▶ What I like about the blushes especially Corallina I thought that the shimmers where kinda intact once I applied it but it wasn't , so it's a 5 stars for me because the shimmers are spread out once applied to my apples of my cheeks. For Luminoso I like the fact that I could use this for special occasions because it has that semi tinted blushing highlighted effect that is not too dark on my face and too pigmented.
▶ I wouldn't actually use the blush with my fingers since it's too pigmented and I may not control the opacity applying it on my cheek area. I would prefer using my makeup brush instead of the brush that comes with it so I can have more control with it.
▶ A little goes a long way with these type of blushes so you don't actually have to pack to much product onto your face.
▶ For the price of Php 470.00 it's inexpensive as a dupe for other high brand for high light and baked blush. So visit @thevanityzone and check them out for more inexpensive and high end brands of makeup.

And that's a wrap for my first 2016 review. As always stay tune for my next blog reviews and 
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"



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