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Hello! my beautiful amazing readers, today I wanna share with all of a special sponsored review. I am thrilled and honored that Rucy's vanity was so kind to ask me to do a full honest review on their products of my choice. So let's begin!
I choose 5 products from their website : all of their products by the way are made from Korea. They have lots of different products to choose from makeup, skincare and body care products. I choose their:
1. Green Tea Foam cleansing 
2.Two way cake
3. Quad eye shadow - Neutral bronzed
4. Pearl b.b cream
5. Lip & cheek red stain
Starting off with their facial Green Tea foam cleansing
BRAND NAME: rucy's vanity
Made in: Korea
WHAT TYPE? Green Tea 
Contains collagen with green tea , deep cleansing action, 
remove excessive oil & sebum, power whitening effect
NET WEIGHT: 100ml/ 3.38 oz
The foam cleanser is actually quite big enough for only Php 130.00 only for a 100ml of tube, it's affordable yet a lot of product to love my entire face for this baby. 
The foam cleanser is gently soft on my skin, didn't irritate at first application, nothing at all. I did had a lot of fun applying it on my face while filming a video on their brand. :)
I love how the scent of the facial cleanser has, it's like real green tea in it, and the consistency is semi thick foam to just get deep into the skin and cleansing it throughly.  What I like about the cleanser is that after comparing my normal haggard face  after using this it brightens my face a lot than usual and I feel so fresh, clean  after washing with the cleanser because it removes the oiliness of my skin, since I'm a combo to oily type of skin.

BRAND NAME: rucy's vanity
Made in: Korea
SHADE? #21 Natural Beige
* Two way cake 
* SPF 35 PA  ++
- Combines the goodness of foundation and powder in one with added protection from UV rays with whitening effect
[credits their website : rucy's vanity
  • Whitening
  • Stay matte all day
  • Non-cakey
  • UV Protection
  • Non-clogging
Next I got their two way cake powder foundation and I'm in the shade #21 Natural Beige, it has spf 35 plus double protection strength from UVA rays.  It's not just your ordinary powder foundation it has also whitening effect mineral and protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Their compact comes in a barbie pink box with a shade number and name on the top opening cover. 
The compact powder is in a chic white compact container with a cute puff on top of a lid. 
Underneath the lid is the powder foundation itself, so both powder and puff is separated from each other for sanitary purposes once it's used. 
In real life Natural beige has a light-medium yellow undertone that matches my skin color, for the powder's texture it has a semi matte to satin finish. 
BRAND NAME: rucy's vanity
Made in: Korea
WHAT TYPE? Pearl BB Cream 
Pearl finish bb cream giving you a natural, radiance glow.
Contains green tea extracts
Whitening & moisturizing with UV protection 
SPF30 PA ++ 
The pearl bb cream comes in a cute small sized silver tube and when I mean small tube here's a comparison from my pond's bb cream :
It's small but a lot of product is in the tube, the tube is made secured lock for the lid to securely be locked in place. 
The pearl bb cream has a creamy to liquidly form but not too water/y though, it's quite thick enough. What the pearl bb cream does it gives you that radiance glow on the face. 
Once blended well it has that glowy effect for that highlight on the face. 
BRAND NAME: rucy's vanity
Made in: Korea
WHAT TYPE? Lip & cheek tint

This dual-purpose liquid stain gives lips and cheeks a hint of natural-looking colour. Can be used under gloss for added intensity.
The lip & cheek tint comes in a metallic red pink tube with a black cap. Also it's made secured lock on the tube for a secured lock.
The consistency is thick like kind of like a jelly type but thick and quite sticky. It has that cherry scent which I like about it, it's not that annoying cherry strong scent, but it's fruity soft scent.
Once blended evenly the tint has a shiny sticky form, but it's not that thick sticky texture where in starts to drip all over the place. But quick tip is when working with tinted lip & cheek is to dab a little amount first because a little comes a long way. 
BRAND NAME: rucy's vanity
Made in: Korea
WHAT TYPE? #3 Neutral Bronzed
Four eye shadow quad, consist of Neutral bronzed eyeshadows.
The quad eyeshadow has four (4) neutral bronze colors and it comes in acrylic plastic container. The quad comes with a standard eye sponge shown on the photo:
They actually have 3 shades total which is #1 Pink aura and #2 Purple pop. 
I choose The Neutral bronzed because browns, olives and bronze eyeshadows are just perfect for your everyday go-to makeup or in any events because its wearable. 
Each eyeshadows are semi shimmery slightly metallic but doesn't have too many fall outs. Each are super pigmented with just one swatch of each finger I have on and on the back of my hand:


Each product from Rucy's Vanity are much affordable:
Foam Cleansing Green tea - Php 130.00
 Two way cake - Php 250.00
Pearl bb cream - Php 70.00
Lip & cheek red - Php 80.00
Quad Eyeshadow - Php 200.00

- I love how each products are made uniquely cute & easy to use for your go-to everyday
- I love how each product works for me because I didn't have any difficulties applying each on myself
- It didn't harm or irritate my skin at all

Other than that I'm happy to have been kindly sponsored by Rucy's Vanity to try out their products and give a full honest review on each.
Special thanks again to Rucy's Vanity :) 
Oh before closing this review please do check out my new tutorial that's up on my channel featuring Rucy's Vanity Products. 

Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


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